Introducing the world’s first automated restaurant

Michael Mack, a new German restaurant owner, recently came up with the idea of replacing waiters with an automated system that delivers all ordered food to his customers via a rail system. Customers order and pay their meals using a touch-screen, located at each table.

Mack, a stranger to the business of dining, has opened the world’s first restaurant to feature fully automated ordering and table service. At the bistro’s Baggers, the waiter of old has been shown the door. And in a country known for being a service wasteland, it’s uncertain he’ll actually be missed.

Although the idea is novel, and it will be interesting to hear customer reviews from the establishment, I’m not sure if the setup is a great idea, particularly if restaurants all over the globe start adopting this system. Students and other unemployed people need to work to pay bills, and by eliminating waiters, we’re preventing people from finding work. Plus, what about all the unemployed actors in Hollywood? They can’t ALL be bartenders!

While food establishment owners may have more money in their pocket in the short term, I think society (as a whole) could end up the loser in the long run.

World’s First Automated Restaurant Opens In Germany (