A Sugar Powered Walkman?

Just a year ago, Sony had trouble getting a laptop battery out of their factory that could actually work without exploding, but last Thursday, they announced a new breakthrough in battery technology that should please its investors.

According to the official press release, Sony has developed a new bio-battery that is powered via a glucose-based solution and generates enough energy to run a media player for several hours. It seems that these batteries will even be able to work on common energy drinks, allowing athletes to recharge their gadgets from any locations.

Test cells of this bio battery have achieved power output of 50 mW, currently the world’s highest level2 for passive-type3 bio batteries. The output of these test cells is sufficient to power music play back on a memory-type Walkman.

The greatest thing about this technology is that it is entirely green. Even the battery’s plastic casing is made out vegetal components. I’m sure this will please all you tree-huggers out there!

Sony Develops “Bio Battery” Generating Electricity from Sugar