Monday morning links serving: The August 13th Edition

Why and How to Flash Your BIOS
The system BIOS is one of part of our computer that often gets left alone, even by us, IT professionals. However, upgrading it can often help increase the life of your system.

The Right Career Is Yours for the Taking
A great read if you’re not currently too happy with your career.

The College Student’s Guide to File Sharing
You finally made it. But now that you’re here, how should you spend your first few weeks at school? Filling up the hard drive of your brand-new Toshiba R500 with loads of music and video files, that’s how –harnessing the full file-sharing power of a high-speed university-class network? But how?

Linus Torvalds Interview
In this interview, Linus discusses Microsoft, Linux and of course, open source.

LEAKED: Vista SP1 analysed in-depth
We’ve gone under the hood of the leaked beta of Vista SP1 to find out exactly what it will do for you. One thing we can say right now: **huge performance increase**.

DIY: Laser Flashlight Hack!!
Turn a MiniMag flashlight into a powerful DVD laser pointer! Warning: As you know…lasers can be dangerous. Never point them at any living things!

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