Attachment spam – The latest trend

GFIOur friends at GFI have released an interesting whitepaper on attachment spam.  It takes a look at the evolution of spam, and how spammers use attachments to circumvent traditional spam filters.

They also use the occasion to talk about their own corporate anti-spam solution (GFI MailEssential), but as I’ve been using MailEssential for a while now and am more than satisfied with it, I won’t bedgrudge them. In fact, it’s pretty cheap compared to similar solutions and I’d go so far to say I’d recommend it.

Attachment spam – the latest trend (PDF)


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  1. I am using a simple filter to catch the attachment spam. If the message contains few characters (less than 3) and attachment, let's move it into trash immediately:). And it works.

    It is up to your email client what you accept/refuse.

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