3D Hologram of Death… Star

By Fred Roth Contributing Writer, [GAS] So as geeks, we all eventually want a giant holographic projector like the ones used in StarWars. But are we willing to put up with a spinning mirror of death to get it? Researchers at USC have created a holographic 3D display using a spinning mirror. While the resulting […]

Hackers@Microsoft: A different kind of blog

The term “hacker” has always been one of the most incorrectly used expressions. If you think that a hacker is someone who tries to get into computer systems illegally, stop right here and go read this before continuing further. Ok, now that you’ve been enlightened, let’s proceed. It’s no secret that Microsoft has been cooperating […]

SAMSUNG ML-1630 and SCX-4500 Laser Printers: Taking Design to the Next Level

This week, Samsung has released two new printers that are surely going to make quite a lot of you drool in envy. I don’t usually write about printers, but these things look too amazing to not show them to you guys. Both models feature blue LED displays, buttonless sensors and a glossy, piano black finish. […]

Friday Morning Fun: How to irritate people (Video)

Here’s John Cleese in a piece from his classic “how to irritate people” show. Enjoy! How to Irritate People is a 1968 television mockumentary written by John Cleese. It also features future Monty Python collaborators Michael Palin, Graham Chapman, and Connie Booth, as well as comic actor Tim Brooke-Taylor, later to become one of The […]

Autopatcher shut down by Microsoft

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Autopatcher, a frequently updated project devoted to compiling all the Windows Updates into a single installation package (geared toward offline system updating and quick system rebuilds), has been shut down by Microsoft as of yesterday (08/29/07). Citing security and intellectual property as reasons for the action, Microsoft contacted the […]

The Gadget Scam

In this segment of The Real Hustle, the hustlers demonstrate how crooks are selling ‘miracle’ gadgets, such as this one: A machine that can add £50 to a pre-paid card – for free. Just pay £220 for the machine and you’ll be laughing. Or the hustlers will be at least…

Cell phone loudmouth nearby? Block that signal!

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS] You’re sitting in a movie theater, restaurant, in line at the movie store or other public locale, minding your own business, and then somebody has to get on their cell phone and talk loudly to someone who is obviously more important than the surrounding 20 individuals waiting around… We’ve […]

Introducing the world’s first automated restaurant

Michael Mack, a new German restaurant owner, recently came up with the idea of replacing waiters with an automated system that delivers all ordered food to his customers via a rail system. Customers order and pay their meals using a touch-screen, located at each table. Mack, a stranger to the business of dining, has opened […]

Heineken beer ad features cyborg chick

We all know it, beer companies try to grab the attention of male beer drinkers by showcasing attractive women in their commercials. In this ad, Heineken did things a bit differently, probably to target the geek audience that are usually less susceptible to regular beer commercials. While the ad is certainly cool, I think it’s […]

Sony rootkit fiasco: When history repeats itself

Yes folks, Sony has done it again! Here’s yet another “rootkit” scandal to add to their already poor security-related reputation. According to F-Secure, a well-known security corporation, certain models of USB keys sold by the electronic giant contain a hidden directory that could be used by villains to distribute malware. The problem comes from the […]

Halo 3 Combat: Part I (Video)

Here is the first part of a short film that was produced by Neill Blomkamp and Weta in order to promote Halo 3 to movie studios. If the Halo movie looks anything like this when it comes out, I’m sure it’ll be a huge success. I know it certainly got my blood running fast! Enjoy!

Introducing the Laser Magician

We’ve all seen magic tricks performed in front of us at one point or another in our lives, but this one is actually real magic. We assure you, there is no trick! :) Performed by Jason Latimer.