Introducing the iPhone smoothie

“Hello there, I’ll have an iPhone smoothie please.”

“Yes sir, that’ll be $901”

Yes, you read that right. A guy named Tom Dickson, now famous because of his “Will it Blend” videos, has recently pulverized an iphone inside a Blendtec blender. He then proceeded to sell the “iPhone smoothie” on ebay, which went for $901 to someone named newmediaventures. Here’s what the lot included:

– 1 pulverized iphone
– A DVD featuring the 50 first episodes of “Will it Blend?”
– A “Tom Dickson is my homeboy” t-shirt
– A Blendtec blender.

According to Blendtec’s website, the Blendtec blender goes for $399 right now, so is all of this really worth $901? Probably not. I wonder what the buyer had in mind when he purchased this. He’s probably going to use the media coverage this story receives to attract attention to himself I guess.


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