Pizza Hut’s Double Roll pie is the ultimate geek food

We’ve told you in the past, McDonald’s food is bad for you. In the same line of thought, I don’t think anyone in their right mind should be eating anything that looks like this:

Pizza Hut Double Roll pie

Apparently, this pizza / burger / hot-dog mutant is currently available at Pizza Huts all over Japan. At 646 calories per slice, this thing is bound to give you seizures and make your cholesterol level skyrocket. For those who would still be interested in eating a slice, here is the approximate caloric breakdown of the entire pizza:

CaloriesSodium (mg)
12″ Cheese Pizza from Pizza Hut2,1604,560
Pigs n Blanket (12)1,1282,088
Cheese Pizza Rolls (12)380960
Bacon (2 Slices)86370
Italian Sausage (1 Link)230809
Hamburger Patties (4 small)480130
Ham (3 oz)1511,275
Tomatoes (4 Slices)188
Mushroom (1)21
Onion (1 tablespoon)40
Peppers (10 Strips)51
Edemame / Carrots / Corn (1 oz)2050
Room for Error500500

(Via FitSugar)