Kameraflage – advertising through a viewfinder

By Rob Dunn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

You’re at the museum, looking at a painting inside of a glass case. You raise your camera phone du jour to take a picture and you see an advertisement for a website appearing above the painting in your display! You look past your phone at the painting again – there’s nothing but the artwork. What is going on?

Welcome to the world of ‘Kameraflage‘, a technology that displays text or other media only through a digital viewfinder, unseen by the naked eye.

No special software or additional technology is required on the part of the cell phone user…so, Kameraflage’s user base exists right now.

Currently proposed applications include Kameraflage cinema, billboard, and fashion.

Kameraflage embraces utilizing digital imaging devices in cinema environments, referring to potential income for the venue, production company, etc., via integrated advertisements. They state that they understand that all DRM securing techniques “can and will be circumvented”.

Cinema interactive

Really, wouldn’t it be easy to just include an overlay that covers the entire screen when recorded by a camera?

Also just as interesting is the Kameraflage fashion application – the website has this to say:

kameraflageTM allows for a new level of expression for those who are required to wear a uniform. Students at private schools and employees of chain-stores will be able to express themselves to their cameraphone toting peers. Will entities that seek to enforce dress-codes be able to combat this technology? Because it is only perceptible within the confines of mediated reality (cyberspace), yet exists in physical-reality, any attempt to control this form of expression will result in forcing people to discuss this decidedly modern grey-area.

Most schools have video surveillance now, so would this really be as “underground” as they state?

Since everything and everyone seems to have a digital camera of some sort today, the implications of this technology are far reaching. Think of it – kamerflage could put a new twist on scavenger hunts, personal belongings (for insurance purposes), DRM – even though the website says it isn’t focusing on this aspect, and of course, viral advertising…

Do you think this type of advertising is subversive?

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