Ford and Microsoft get in “Sync”

Ford SyncAmerican car manufacturer Ford is introducing a new hands-free technology in select 2008 models, starting with the Ford Focus, the Ford Edge and the Lincoln MKX.

This new, hands-free system allows people to control communication and audio entertainment devices using voice controls.

Developed in partnership with Microsoft, this new product, called Sync, will connect to all compatible wireless equipments within range via Bluetooth, and allows its users to synchronize cell phones or media players with their car.

The system will accept up to six different cellular devices and will allow complete control over mp3 players and other assorted USB mass-storage devices.

So, if you’ve got a cell phone and get inside a car that features the sync technology (provided that your phone has been authorized by the system), the car will connect to your phone and download your entire user profile. A microphone located within the car’s dashboard allows you to use your phone in hands-free mode while driving.

If you leave your car in the middle of a conversation, all you need to do is push a button located on your steering wheel, and the call will be automatically transferred to your phone, meaning that you continue your conversation without having to call back your contact.

Since the system is voice controlled, all phone operations can be done vocally. Sync will even go as far as to read text messages aloud and allow you to search music on your media player by dictating artist, song or genre.

So what do you think? Could a system like Sync improve safety on the road? We all know that holding a cell phone while driving can be extremely dangerous, so could this new technology actually save lives?


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