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Top 10 Computing Energy Savers
“Reducing the amount of energy your hungry computers eat up every day won’t only save you money on electricity bills, it will reduce your carbon footprint.”

Get More Out of Google Reader
If you’ve already gotten started with Google Reader, you’re probably ready for some advanced tips and tricks to make better use of this rather full-featured RSS client. Here’s what you need to do to become a real Google Reader power user.

10 quick and (almost) painless ways to kill distractions
“Reducing and eliminating pesky distractions isn’t a feat, and you don’t need a 12-step program. Here are ten actions you can do right now to kill distractions and get back to work:”

Gumstix: The Beginning
Tim over at DCOT just got his hands on a gumstix computer, a tiny linux box that’s approximately the the size of a stick of gum.

How to … Fix a Computer?
When your computer fails, it’s like being returned instantly to the 70s. Post Offices, record players and board games become important again.


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