Brush up on your anti-phishing skills

By Rob Dunn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

McAfee has posted a quiz on their website to educate users on the nuances of various phishing techniques used by scammers. The quiz runs as part of their Site Advisor campaign, and is actually pretty useful. Even if you have friends who aren’t terribly savvy or observant, this could help them at least pay a little more attention to what sites they login to.

Of course, there’s probably not much hope for some people, but we can still save the observant ones!

The first couple questions are pretty easy, but they get more difficult as you go on. You have to pay special attention to things like spelling, word arrangement and phrasing.

I got a 9/10 as I didn’t pay close enough attention to the wording on one particular site.

Take the quiz here.

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