Cool paper animations to impress your friends

By Rob Dunn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]flyingpig.jpg

Ok, I don’t know how impressed they will be, but these paper animations are quite cool, and I’m amused easily, so as long as I am impressed…well, that’s all that matters.

Kidding aside, these can help pass a rainy day with your child. As an added bonus, you get to play with it when it’s done!

Flying Pig has a number of very intriguing downloadable paper animation kits for just a few quid. Additionally, they offer some free kits for us cheapskates. Often throughout the year, Flying Pig features holiday-themed projects, so when the mood strikes you, you can build a Santa decoration out of cardstock and an inkjet printer (since you forgot or will forget to go shopping for decorations before the big Christmas party – I speak from experience)!

flyingpig2.jpgAlso available are mathematical models for you level 12 geeks out there such as tetrahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and an icosahedron (and more).

Flying Pig also has a number of educational resources that explain some of the fundamental mechanics involved in their creations.

Of course, a website called ‘Flying Pig’ wouldn’t be complete without a Flying Pig paper animation featured on their home page (you can’t miss it!).

I’d hate to see the ‘Geeks are Sexy’ paper animation…


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