Cell phone nano projectors: the next big thing?

By Rob Dunn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

This is already becoming a reality in Japan and Korea.

Cell phone projector

The projection technology can be used to show a photo slideshow, a presentation, or a captured video from the phone. The current incarnation of the micro projection tech will allow a 20″ display on a wall or other flat surface.

Currently, SK Telecom of Korea is the only electronics manufacturer to include this technology into any of their units, and it is coming in September.

While no technical details about the projection specifications have been released, my guess is that they are using an ultra-bright OLED projector to reduce heat and battery load.

One thing I have noticed about our friends overseas is that they tend to have a lot more gimmicks attached to their electronics (the market is there to consume it), so it will be interesting to see if this particular technology can make its way here. I could definitely see it as an add-on peripheral for laptops or existing smartphones.

Once this is developed a bit further (i.e. brightness and refresh rates), I think this could revolutionize LAN parties!

via Ubergizmo


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