1) Make trippy network tool. 2) Put in giant cube. 3) Party in cube.

Over at NetworkPerformanceDaily.com, there’s a short video of a party held at the House of Blues in Anaheim after Cisco Networkers 2007, where attendees got to participate in “the Netcosm Immersion experience.” They were able to walk inside a giant cube where animated, trippy networking data was projected all around them on the walls – […]


Attack helicopter for a micro battlefield

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Possibly the coolest mod for a radio-controlled chopper is Christopher Conte’s Attack Helicopter, pictured here. It appears to be modded with 4 model rockets and a micro-video camera. Dubbed as a “sculpture”, Conte has a number of other geeky/techno-organic pieces which seems to make a statement about technology and […]

USB rechargeable battery packs for iPod, other gadgets

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Coming soon from Brightonnet, a rechargeable battery pack which can be used to extend the playing time for iPods, cell phones, or other USB-powered devices. The device also includes an LCD screen showing the battery level status, and it can be recharged (if the batteries support this) by plugging […]

Anti-piracy system coming to YouTube soon

Last week, during an audience in court of law, a representative of search engine giant Google declared that his client was working on an anti-piracy system based on video recognition technologies. The new system, which is due to come out in September, should help prevent and dissuade users to upload copyrighted material on Google’s popular […]

Network cable management done wrong

Having a nice and tidy server room with a properly organized cable system is something that IT people need to be concious of. Re-organizing hundreds of tangled network cables is not what I would call a pleasing task, but unfortunately, it has to be done. Not only will doing so make troubleshooting network problems easier, […]

Introducing the iPhone smoothie

“Hello there, I’ll have an iPhone smoothie please.” “Yes sir, that’ll be $901” Yes, you read that right. A guy named Tom Dickson, now famous because of his “Will it Blend” videos, has recently pulverized an iphone inside a Blendtec blender. He then proceeded to sell the “iPhone smoothie” on ebay, which went for $901 […]

Johnny 5 on Auction Block

The irony here is that you’d need to be as rich as Steve Gutenberg in order to own it – bidding starts at $100,000, but the original Johnny 5 robot from 1980s geek movie “Short Circuit” has been put up on the eBay auction block. 946. Original full-size “Johnny Five” hero robot and control apparatus […]

Monday Morning Links Serving: The July 30th Edition

–10 ways to entertain young children for $1 or less Sick of paying hundreds of dollars for toys your kids don’t play with? Here are ten ways to entertain your kids for less than a buck. –10 Tips for Razor Sharp Concentration Lifehack.org lists 10 tips to help you get in a state of deep […]