Blu-ray’s new attack on HD DVD: 5 movie freebies

blu.jpgIn an attempt to get an additional share of the HD player market, the Blu-ray Disc Association has just announced that they would start giving away five free HD movies with the purchase of any Blu-ray players, including the PS3.

The five movies will come from a list of 21 titles, including choices like Pearl Harbor, Black Rain, Underworld, and Transporter 2. The complete list has not been officially announced, but according to marketing materials seen by Ars Technica, other movies included in the promotion are:

I’m sure this promotion will help retailers sell more PS3s, but I don’t think it will have an impact on the sales of regular Blu-ray units. At $500, these players are still too expensive for most folks, especially when you can get an HD-DVD one, with 3 HD movies included, for about $300.

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