Is video game addiction a plausible psychiatric disorder?

Will video game addiction soon become a part of the official psychiatric diseases list? That certainly seems to be the wish of a team of medical experts presenting their video games addiction study two days ago at the American Medical Association congress.

This report responds to Resolution 421, adopted at the 2006 Annual Meeting, which (1) asks our AMA’s Council on Science and Public Health to work in conjunction with all appropriate specialty societies to prepare a report, reviewing and summarizing the research data on the emotional and behavioral effects, including addiction potential, of video games; and (2) directs our AMA to develop recommendations for physicians, parents, and legislators based on the findings of this report.

According to the study, 90% of young Americans play video games, and among those, nearly 15% – around 5 million kids – could be addicted. The report also mentions that young people will be more prone to other addictions as adults when they’ve been hooked on video games in the past.

Here’s the direct link to the report (doc) for those of you interested in reading more.

Do you think video game addiction should be classified as a psychiatric disease? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.