Harry Potter, Hacked?

I know a lot of you guys are Harry Potter fans and are anxiously waiting for the last book to come out. According to rumors, one of the novel’s key characters will die at the end of the last book.

Unfortunately, a hacker named “Gabriel” recently spoiled the surprise by hacking into an employee’s computer at Mrs. Rowling’s publishing house. He got his hands on the novel and published it on the SecLists.Org security mailing list.

We did it by following the precious words of the great Pope Benedict XVI when he still was Cardinal Josepth Ratzinger.He explained why Harry Potter bring the youngs of our earth to Neo Paganism faith. So we made this spoiler to make reading the upcoming book useless and boring.

It’s amazing to see how many people inside the company have copies and drafts of this book.

Is this information accurate? Nobody knows for sure, but it’s certainly possible that all of this is an elaborate trick to fool people into believing a false conclusion.

For those of you not planning to read the book, the spoiler can be found right here. And for the others, avoid clicking on this link at all cost. You might want to pre-order the novel instead and get it July 21.