6 Fashion Tips to Turn Yourself into a Sexy Geek

Fellow blogger Amber over at Painfully Hip just pubbed a nice, witty piece educating us, male geeks, on how we should dress. So if you’re currently single and looking for your significant other, head over to her place and try to apply some of her words of wisdom to your wardrobe. I’m sure this will help you score at that first romantic meeting and increase your chances of getting a second one.

Dearest Geek / Nerd,

     You are awesome and you know it. you’re smart, talented and resourceful and you have nothing to prove. you have no idea about fashion, but that’s because you couldn’t care less. and apathy is hot, right? trouble is, you have needs. and you know you’d make an attentive boyfriend if only you could get noticed by that hot bookstore clerk.

Fashion How-To for Geeks or, The Modern Nerd’s Guide to Getting Laid, No Sympathy Involved