Safari for Windows

Had a chance to try out the new Safari for Windows beta from Apple, and while I can’t say that I’ve spent tons of time with it, I will say that Safari on Windows replicates the feeling of Safari on the Mac.

I’m an extension hound, so I don’t think it’ll get me to move far from Firefox, but for those who are looking for an ‘apple-like’ interface, Safari is a good tabbed browser roughly on par with IE7 (from some very preliminary uses.)

The conventional wisdom is that Safari is being released for Windows with the idea that Safari isn’t really designed to compete with IE7 and Firefox (and Opera, etc.) but that because the iPhone uses Safari, developers can develop web applications for the iPhone in a Windows environment and make sure that the apps are Safari-compatible.  Or, in other words, this is a way to get developers to develop for the iPhone without needing to release much of an API for it.

But for most of us, we’ll be trying out Safari as a browser, and possibly as a Web page writing platform (no more asking your Mac-owning friends if your CSS code renders properly on their computers!)  There was one quirk I noticed – if you want to resize the Safari window, you must grab the bottom right corner to click and drag – dragging on the borders of the window does nothing, unlike most other Windows applications.



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  1. Ouch…lousy lousy experience. I downloaded the file. Installed perfectly. Executed. First thing i did was open bookmarks. Froze. Closed.

    Opened it again. Tried changing settings. Froze. Closed.

    Tried to open a new tab. Froze. Closed

    Tried watching a YouTube Video. Same thing.


    I know this is a BETA…but how much can my PC be screwed up to the point of not being able to use this browser AT ALL.

    Definitely faster though :S

    Definitely sticking to good ol' firefox

  2. Ayup, Firefox is a definite keeper, and like you I'm an "extension hound" too. :P

    I think it's great to have another mainstream alternative browser available on Windows both for, as you say, checking web designs in it more easily, and that it might sway some IE users away from that horrible browser.

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