Monday Morning Links Serving: The June 4th Edition

Use Your Mac Mini as a Media Server Part 1Part 2
Apple has been pushing the use of the Macintosh as the heart of one’s media center for a long time now, but more specifically since the release of the Mac Mini. With its compact size, low price and FrontRow, it’s the perfect computer to plug into your TV and watch some of those “archived” Lost episodes.

It’s Still the Latency, Stupid…
If you think bandwidth is the only thing affecting your network speed, think again. As pipes get bigger, latency becomes the real bottleneck. This article discusses network latency, how to measure it, why its important, and how to plan for it. Complex concepts like TCP windowing are explained in plain English.

LifeHacker: How to build a Firefox extension
“Ever since we started releasing home-brewed Firefox extensions here at Lifehacker, several readers have asked: How difficult is it to build a Firefox extension? For someone with a bit of programming experience, the answer is not that difficult. Today I’ve got a quick start list of resources for the curious programmers who want to give it a try”

10 Free Ways to Track All Your Passwords
Productivity website lists 10 free ways to effectively manage your passwords. A must read for those of you who have to remember their login information on more then two or three sites.

Fedora 7 Linux Arrives
The newest version of Fedora allows users to roll their own custom versions of the distribution. How cool is that?

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