Palm unveils Foleo UMPC

Palm FoleoOn Wednesday, during the D5 conference, Palm has presented an all-new ultra-portable computer thing, the Palm Foleo. The device, which the company qualifies as a companion to smartphones, weights around 2.5 pounds, features a 10 inch screen, a full QWERTY keyboard and support Bluetooth connectivity. It will initially be priced at $599, right before a $100 rebate that will be offered during summer time.

What really baffles me about this device is that the folks at Palm designed it to work in pair with a palm Treo, so people can read their mail and view attachments (All common formats are supported) on something else then the Treo’s tiny screen. The Foleo can also let you navigate the net via the Opera web browser. “So what’s the problem with this thing?” I hear you say. Well, the problem is that I’m not sure anyone actually needs such a device. Why buy something that is specifically made to work with a Treo when anyone can get a full featured ultra-portable laptop that can do the same things, and more.

Palm Advances Mobile Computing with Its First Mobile Companion Product (Official Press Release)