Monday Morning Links Serving: The May 28th Edition

You’re Fired! 20 signs that a pink-slip is coming
Yep, getting fired can happen to the best of us. Here are 20 questions that will help you determine if a pink-slip is coming your way

Cool Things You Can Do With Google
No one would argue the fact that Google is one of the most useful sites on the Internet. Unfortunately, most people only use about 3% of its power.

Security Report: Windows vs Linux
A well-researched article that answers many important questions.

Firefox 3.0 passes major milestone
Mozilla has met a major milestone in its march to Firefox 3.0, developers said yesterday, by adding another chunk of the new Places feature to the alpha set for release late next week.

TrueCrypt Tutorial: Truly Portable Data Encryption
TrueCrypt is one of the best data encryption software around. Check it out.

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