Pocket Change – Google Acquires Feedburner

By Jonathan C. Phillips
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Feedburner Everyone seems to be talking about Google and Feedburner lately, and for good reasons. Feedburner, an important player in the RSS (really simple syndication) management world was just acquired by Google. It was announced on Techcrunch just yesterday, and apparently, the rumors were true: $100 million US!

A lot of people were skeptical, but the deal is almost sealed. Not too bad for the owners of Feedburner, who launched the service about 4 years ago. Better Adsense ads integration with Feedburner will probably be one of the things Google will be working on initially.

Google acquired YouTube for around $1.65 billion last year, and they closed a deal with Myspace for $900 million, and now, in less than a month, Feedburner will be theirs.

So what is the next logical step for Google? Technorati anyone? Or maybe Microsoft, since Bill is supposed to retire next year.