Promising New Antispam Technique Gains Key Approval

Spam haters rejoice! The Internet Engineering Task Force just gave its approval to the first draft of a new anti-spam technology that promises to stench the ever-increasing flow of junk mail that arrives to your inbox. The technology, called DomainKeys Identified Mail, works by integrating a digital signature in the header of an organization’s outgoing e-mail messages. When a signed message arrives at destination, its signature gets verified by the receiving mail server. If the message is determined to be legitimate, it will be delivered as usual, and if not, it will be flagged as spam.

Here’s an example of what an embedded DomainKeys header looks like:

DKIM-Signature a=rsa-sha1; q=dns;;;
s=jun2005.eng; c=relaxed/simple;
t=1117574938; x=1118006938;

For those of you who wish to read more about this technology, you can do so on DomainKeys’ official website.

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