Google Hot Trends: What’s hot and what’s not

Google Hot Trends Interested in learning about the top search queries on Google for a certain day? If so, you’ll be pleased to learn that Google just introduced a new service, Google Hot Trends, that allows anyone to see the current top 100 searched-for keywords on Google’s search engine.

As an example, the term “Super bowl 2011” was very popular yesterday, right after the NFL announced the event would take place at the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium.

According to “Hot Trends”, 11% of searches for this term came from Dallas, but 18% came from Indianapolis, which was also competing to have the Super Bowl hosted in their city.

In addition to providing information on queries that are currently skyrocketing, Google also allows people to see all news related to them. Furthermore, “Hot Trends” has an archive section, but for now, there’s nothing more than a week old in there.

I can see this new tool being very useful for Internet marketers. If you have an Adwords account and are looking to push offers coming from various affiliate marketing companies, you’ll definitely want to learn everything you can about Google’s latest service.