Jonathan-C. Phillips – Joining The [GAS] Team

By Jonathan-C. Phillips
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Hey everyone, just wanted to write a little something here to let you know that I will be writing/contributing on [GAS] on a regular basis. I also wanted to give you some infos about me, and tell you a little bit about my background and experience. Thanx to Kiltak for inviting me.

Well, I worked for a telecom company based in Quebec, Canada, for about 5 years. I was in primarily in sales and marketing, but I was also doing a lot of technical support and worked on different projects while I was there (customer retention, network expansion, etc..)

I’m also a professional musician and guitar teacher (I wear many different hats). I’ve been playing music for about 14 years now, and I’m a sound/recording engineer, so when it comes to digital recording, recording software, sequencers or anything related to that, you can count on me!

Oh, and I also run 2 blogs (shameless self-promotion here),, where I write about entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, self-improvement, branding, creative stuff, blogging and which is my personal blog on which I write from time to time, when I have some time on my hands. I’ve been reading GAS for a couple weeks/months now, and Kiltak has been reading my blog also, so he asked me if I wanted to write for GAS! Why not? :)

I’m living in the Montreal area, in Canada (Kiltak and I are almost neighbours!), and I spent most of my time playing music, blogging, and I’m also into affiliate marketing. I’m really looking forward to bring something interesting to the Geeks Are Sexy readers and visitors!

Hey, thanks for reading!