Monday Morning Links Serving: The May 21st Edition

52 Ways to Speed Up OS X
52 Ways to get your old Mac box running faster on OSX

Top 10 Mac OS X tweaks
Mac OS X is a great operating system out of the box, but a few simple customizations can make it even better. OS X ships with some odd and sometimes inconvenient default settings, and it’s got a few nifty little perks for power users who enable them, no third-party software required.

584 ways to design a business card
Planning to design your own business card in the near future? Or maybe you want someone else to do the job for you? Whatever the case, Kariann’s flickr page will give you all the inspiration you need with its 584 business cards pictures. There’s some pretty cool stuff in there, so check it out!

35 must-have Thunderbird Addons
Still running Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail? Have you ever tried Thunderbird? What really sets this open source email client apart from its competitors is its ability to run addons, exactly like Firefox does.

50 Ways To Increase Your Productivity
Productivity site has an excellent article listingĀ 50 ways to increase your productivity.

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