iPhone gets green light from FCC

Yep folks, it’s official: the iPhone just got approbation from the FCC to be put out on the market in June. This approbation, which is a process that all cell phone manufacturers must receive prior to releasing a new product in the United States, came just a day after Engadget falsely disclosed the iPhone release would be delayed by a couple of months.

If we look at the FCC document (PDF) released with the announcement, we can see that the iPhone will support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and will operate in the 1900MHz and 850MHz frequency ranges. What does this mean for North American customers? It means that Apple’s phone, despite its high price, will not be usable in Europe, where different frequency bands are used.

At the price people will be paying for the device, I think it is completely ridiculous for Apple not to offer support on these bands. It seems silly considering that many cell phones, even those on the low end of the market, are currently capable of functioning almost all over the world.

Initially, the iPhone will be released in two versions. The 4Gb model will cost $499 with a two-year contract with AT&T and the 8Gb model will go for $599. Pricey, isn’t it? I think I’d prefer to get myself a PS3 at that price, or maybe should I start a new site called smashmyiphone.com and ask you guys to contribute to see me smash apple’s newest toy with a sledge hammer.

Nah, I think I’ll go with the PS3, first. :)