Monday Morning Links Serving: The May 14th Edition

How to install Linux applications in OS X – a complete walkthrough
This tutorial will take you each and every step of the way through installing Linux programs in OS X – using Fink and FinkCommander.

Replace Windows Explorer with Xplorer2
“Let’s face it: for advanced file manipulation, Windows File Explorer stinks. But like Firefox is a must-have replacement for Internet Explorer, a file manager called Xplorer2 blows Windows Explorer out of the water for anyone who browses multiple folders, copies, pastes, moves and searches the PC file system frequently.”

15 Coolest Firefox Tricks Ever
Make it faster, cooler, more efficient. Get to be a Jedi master with the following cool Firefox tricks.

Ten things a Linux Fanboy will not tell you…
Welcome to the dark side…

The Most Essential Career Skill You Need to Succeed
Net Celebrity Steve Rubel of MicroPersuasion tells us what he believes is the number one key to career success.

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