Chris Messina – Thoughts on Mozilla

By Matt Pearson
Contributing Writer, [GAS] 

Mozilla BBQThis very interesting and thought-provoking video came across my desktop this morning thanks to the continuing awesomeness of the Songbird Blog.

Chris Messina, currently of Citizen Agency, and previously of Flock and SpreadFirefox fame, comments candidly yet poignantly on Firefox, the direction of Mozilla, and the current and future state of the Web in general.

As distilled by Rob at Songbird, the basic gist of Chris’s message is:

The open source, open standards Open Web is being ensnared by predatory vendors of a proprietary source, proprietary standards Rich Web, more aptly named the Closed Web or more specifically the Microsoft Web or the Adobe Web.

An itemized list of Chris’s thoughts and a downloadable copy of the video are posted on his blog. You can also watch the video embedded below.

This is serious stuff, people. If you are an avid user of the Web, this concerns you. If you develop for the Web, this seriously concerns you. Do the Web a favor, and help spread the word by digging the video (though we wouldn’t mind if you dugg this post as well).


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  1. Sad Irony. I'm running vista (necessary evil) with firefox and flashblock. When I attempted to unblock the flash for this article, I lost the movie. I had to watch it on IE. :P

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