Microsoft Introduces the oFone

Apple has the iPhone, and Microsoft the… oFone? Yep, you read that right.

Microsoft showed off at Mix yesterday a breakthrough new technology device, the Windows Mobile oPhone. Designed to compete with Apple’s iPhone, the oPhone is a fold out variable device with three different usable surfaces and a circular display.

The oPhone, in standard mode, is a thin, curvy device topped by a round screen and with the phone keypad surface below. Two other surfaces, the same size and shape as the keypad, can be flipped out. One has a full keyboard, the other a music player control with a wheel control and a few buttons. Flip out all three surfaces, and you have a device shaped like a three winged boomerang, and Microsoft claims it is aerodynamic enough to work exactly like that. (Source: Inside Microsoft)

I hope you guys realized that this was a joke, right? I don’t think anyone would be interested in using such a phone, mainly because of its absolutely terrible design.