Red Hat Linux Commercial Uses Mac Music

By Brian Boyko
[GAS] Contributor

This is a Linux commercial from Red Hat, much akin to IBM’s Linux commercial featured previously on the blog.

It’s making the rounds on Digg right now, but I noticed something odd about it. I recognized many of the sound loops used in the background music. I remember them quite distinctly because I used them for years, as part of Apple’s GarageBand and Soundtrack products. They’re Apple loops – which cannot be used on any other platform than a Mac. So at least the music from this Linux commercial was composed on a Macintosh.

This doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things – even today I switch into Windows if I have to use music composition, and I use Sony Acid, though programs such as Muse, Jokosher and Rosegarden are “Getting there.” Still, the juxtaposition is slightly ironic.

I’m not on a Mac right now so I can’t tell you exactly which loops I can identify – but I’m sure those of you with Macs will be able to quickly find them.

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