Rewarding Top [GAS] Commentators

I’ve been thinking of implementing a way to reward people who comment on [GAS] for a while now, and I just found out how I would do it. If you look in the sidebar, there’s a new section named “Top Commentators”. From now on, the top six readers who comment the most will have their name and URL displayed in this section. But why would this be useful to you?

  1. It will give your blog extra visibility and traffic
  2. Google will follow this link when it crawls [GAS], helping you get a higher Page Rank

Please note that this list will reset itself weekly.

So what are you waiting for? Start commenting!

13 Responses to Rewarding Top [GAS] Commentators

      • Apologize for replying to my own comment, but I wanted to add that this may end up with people just trying to 'game the system'. Expect a ton of comments just saying 'yup' or 'nice post!'*.

        Though I guess you're still encouraging comments, so maybe it doesn't really matter.

        *(No offense to anyone that thinks their comments fall into this category. This wasn't meant to call anyone out.)

  1. That's a pretty sweet deal. The Google angle is questionable though – unless you are on the list week after week you won't see any real gain. But still, the traffic that could be generated from here is more than most bloggers are doing.

  2. Excellent! =)

    I'm now looking for a way to incorporate this idea to my free blogger blog. Being a novice blogger everything seems confusing now….

  3. I have been tasked to research our new blog and I am not sure if we should add this plugin to the blog. I see you dont have one any more. Why did you remove yours, do you get too much spam or did you get enough visitors not to use it anymore. Thanks Goran

    • Hi Goran,

      Well, the reason we removed it was because some people were leaving totally worthless comments just to be on the list. Don't set it up, I don't think it'll bring anything to you.

    • Preston: In fact, yes, the comments you leave are always of the highest quality, and always highly relevant to the content we post.

      When the plugin was up, the blog was receiving a bit more comments, but the difference was mainly composed of stuff such as: "Cool Blog!" Or "Wow! that's interesting!".

      And obviously, I'm not interested in people posting comments just for the sake of having their name in the sidebar.. :)

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