How to Get Sued by Microsoft

Everyone knows that if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But that doesn’t stop shady resellers from offering Windows XP at eye-popping prices with a plausible sounding story that even suckered one very popular Windows newsletter. It’s an awesome deal… until you end up in court getting your ass sued by Microsoft.

Shopping at is like poking around an especially geeky Goodwill store, Most of the goods are surplus for a reason, but occasionally you’ll find a particularly useful bit of hardware or software whose market has crested, making it a great bargain.

I’ve been receiving the company’s Deals of the Week e-mails for years, and I’ve always been puzzled by one category of offers. Back on February 4, for instance, the weekly e-mail included offers for Microsoft Windows XP Pro x64 Edition (NFR) for a mere $39.99, and Microsoft Office 2003 Pro (NFR) for $99.99. Clicking through to the website where the products themselves were sold led to an assurance that the products themselves were perfectly legal [their words, not mine] and “guaranteed to activate.” Here’s a snippet from that newsletter:

How to Get Sued by Microsoft (ZDNet)