Product Review: Samsung LN-T3242H 32″ LCD TV Set

For the past two years, I’ve been telling myself I should be getting one of those nice, flat (and expensive!) LCD television set, but it seems that the time was never exactly right… until now.

Early last week, while browsing around the mall with my wife and our brand new daughter, I decided to stop at my local Future Shop and see what the LCD screen market had to offer at this point, and that’s when I stopped my eyes on this beauty: the Samsung LN-T3242H LCD TV (Please note that this model has been replaced by the LN32A450. This new model has a contrast ratio of 10000:1).

Samsung LN-T3242H

The LN-T3242H features a 32-inch wide screen (perfect size for a living room), a 7000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, an eight millisecond response time, three HDMI inputs and two side speakers. Compared to Samsung’s previous 32-inch LCD screen, this new model has everything someone looking for a new TV set (or in my case, not looking!) could wish for.

Here is a quick chart listing its basic features:

Panel Type: LCD
Audio Power: 10W X 2
Max Resolution: 720p
Contrast Ratio: 7000:1
Response Time: 8 ms
Viewing Angle: 170°
Video Enhancer: DNIe
Sound Enhancer: SRS TruSurroundXT
HDMI Inputs: 3 (1 side / 2 rear)
Component Inputs: 2 (1 side / 1 rear)
S-Video Input: 2 (1 side/1 rear)
A/V Input: 2 (1 side/1 rear)
VGA Input: 1
RF In: 1
Headphone jack: 1
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year, parts and labor

LN-T3242H rear view

The LN-T3242H really looks fabulous and will enhance any décor quite well. When you first set it up and tune into a source that provides an HD signal, I can guarantee it will stun you with vibrant colors and crisp picture. It’s definitely worth a look if you are currently shopping for a new TV to grace your living room.

And at $999 USD ( has it for $599 + free shipping! Please note that this links to the new model: the LN32A450 or LN32A450C, which has a contrast ratio of 10000:1 ), it can be considered an excellent value. The only negative thing I could say about it is that since the screen is glossy black, it collects dust quite easily. But then again, we all know that black things always seem to get dirty faster then anything else, so who cares, right? What counts is that when it’s clean, it looks absolutely gorgeous. Before purchasing it, I compared the LN-T3242H with Sharp’s newest 32 inch, 1080p LCD, and I really couldn’t see any difference in picture quality. At 32 inches, a screen with a resolution of 1080p will not look noticeably better than a 720p one, at least not to my eyes.

Don’t forget that most of the time, stores can bring down their displayed price if you ask for it, especially if you aren’t planning to finance the item. If they don’t want to lower their price, they’ll often throw in a few extras to make you feel like you had a great deal, such as cables or an HDTV tuner.


  • 7000:1 ratio
  • 720p HDTV
  • Simple menu system
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Provides enough connectivity for all your future needs


  • Collects dust easily

Edit: As promised, here are pictures of the back, side ports and another one of the TV turned on (looks crappy because of the flash).

rear1.jpg image1.jpg