Monday Morning Links Serving: The April 23rd Edition

Do we truly need 8 hours of sleep?
The BBC debunks the myth that people need 8 hours of sleep to function properly.

Moving Day for That Vista Machine
Interesting article from New York Times journalist Larry Magid discussing different methods of migrating from your actual PC to a new Vista system.

Compression Software Comparison Guide
Great guide comparing 11 different file compressors: 7-zip, ARJ32, bzip2, gzip, SBC Archiver, Squeez, StuffIt, WinAce, WinRAR, WinRK, and WinZip. Which one are you using, and why?

Convert any PDF File into a Graphical Image
PDFfiller converts any pdf file into a graphical image and allows the user to add text anywhere. This web site is designed to allow you to fill out any pdf form on-line. The process is really simple. Just upload the file or specify the location of the form. When the file is loaded, simply click on any place on the form and start typing.

Google Apps Draws Converts
“Google Inc. has pushed further into Microsoft Corp.’s turf with a major upgrade of its Google Apps hosted suite.”

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