Thunderbird 2.0 Officially Launched

Get Thunderbird 2.0!A little bird (also known as Lifehacker) whispered some delightful news in my ear this morning. It said that Thunderbird 2.0 had officially hit the streets! We let you know of the deployment of Thunderbird 2.0’s release candidate 1 not too long ago, but this is different. This is the real deal.

All Thunderbird users should strongly consider upgrading now. Extension developers should be deploying compatible extensions soon (if they haven’t already), and the significant list of new features and bug fixes makes it quite an attractive application. Hopefully a portable version isn’t too far away.

Get Thunderbird now!


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    • I feel like this is a standard complaint/quirk/bug all over the place. Hopefully someone will figure out and fix this problem soon…or decide on a global standard or something.

      Maybe in Thunderbird 3.0…

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