Monday Morning Links Serving: The April 16th Edition

How to Reduce Firefox’s Memory Usage?
We all know it, Firefox is a memory hog. Here’s a good article listing simple steps you can take to bring down the amount of RAM FF takes.

Test Driving the $100 Laptop’s Interface (Slideshow)
As the One Laptop Per Child project works toward a release this year of what is commonly called the $100 laptop, work has continued on the operating system and the new interface for the radical new laptop design. This interface is called Sugar and is based on a lightweight version of Fedora Linux.

How To Manage Windows Vista Application Compatibility
Migrating to Vista means big changes in application support. Will your applications work in Vista? Here are some strategies and tools to mitigate the impact of moving to the new OS.

Critical Security Hole in Linux Wi-Fi
A flaw has been found in a major Lunix Linux Wi-Fi driver that can allow an attacker to run malicious code and take control of a laptop, even when it is not on a Wi-Fi network.

Windows XP to be Retired in 2008
Windows XP will stop being available on new PCs from the end of January 2008.

Be Productively Unproductive Online. Without Guilt
Hmm, productively unproductive, I like that!

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