Iomega Announces High-End NAS

iomega storcenter pro nas 450r2A short ping for sys admins looking for more storage options. Iomega makes no bones: They’re small-to-medium business only. No enterprise stuff. So when they say ‘high-end’, they’re not talking about some massive $50K JBOD with a couple of servers in front of it and taking up its own rack; they’re talking about the 450r.

Full name: StorCenter Pro NAS 450r. Comes in a 1U form factor, between 1TB and 2TB for the first couple of months but going up to 4TB by Fall. Runs Windows Storage Server R2, does varying degrees of RAID, and uses SATA II fully hot-swappable drives. Goes for between $4K and $5K out of the gate, so expect those 4TB units to run around $6K or $7K when they come out.

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