Wednesday Night Links Roundup

Run Applications In Compatibility Mode In Vista
Vista is all pretty and shiny, but unfortunately, it is not very adamant when the time to run old programs comes. If you desperately need to install something that Vista frowns upon, you can always try to execute it in Compatibility Mode.

Big Rocks First: Double Your Productivity This Week
I’m trying to be as unproductive as possible right now. Our shiny new daughter doesn’t let me sleep very much, so to hell with productivity.

Useful Windows Vista Sidebar gadgets
Windows Vista’s Sidebar gets no respect – and that’s a shame. With the right gadgets, the Sidebar can help you get things done, especially if you have enough screen estate to keep it running in the foreground.

5 foods to prevent bad breath
Yes, even sexy geeks have bad breath sometimes. Here’s an article that will help you eat the right stuff so your mouth will not smell like an open cesspool at that next blind date.

Make your idle computer work for you
Since you’re not sitting at your home computer all day, (you have a job right?) your computer is probably available to become your personal productivity/fun slave. The following are five ways to make use of your idle computer when you are away.