Is Dell Abandoning a Direct Sales Model?

Since the start of the year, Dell has really been starting to experience problems with its direct sales model and has steadily been losing ground to HP, who now occupies the number one spot in the PC sales market. To win back its dominant position, the Texan manufacturer is looking at new ways to sell […]

[GAS] – Back at Work

Just a quick note this morning to tell you guys that my parental leave is now over. I’m back at work! Thanks to Chip, Oliver and Ed for filling in while I was away. For those of you who are wondering if my daughter looks anything like me, here’s are a few pictures of us […]

Monday Morning Links Serving: The April 30th Edition

–LifeHacker Top 10: Home networking tricks “By now you’ve probably got several connected computers at home, sharing an internet connection, maybe a printer and files between them. But are you getting the most out of your home network?” –Four Ways to Surf Safely at Starbucks PC Magazine offers four tips on keeping your PC safe […]

A Kid Named Linux

This must be one of the best (and strangest) Linux commercial I’ve ever seen. After watching the video for a few seconds, the ad made me think of “2001, A Space Odyssey”, probably because of the white background and eerie voices. Enjoy the show.

Schools Banning iPods?

There were all sorts of ways to cheat back in school and I’m sure we’ve all tried them all at some point or another. It’s human nature to take the shortcut after all, and cheating has evolved a lot since I was in high school. I mean, once we figured out that writing the answers […]

If Nerds Dictated Fashion…

There’s a fine line between geeks and nerds. Nerd usually implies smarts but a lack of social skill, wears short sleeved button-up shirts and speaks entirely in internet abbreviations. You’re thinking the dudes from Revenge of the Nerds right? Geeks, however, are smart and sexy. We’re rather regular folks but with a greater affinity for […]

An Actual Mouse…

Who the hell thought this would be a good idea? If you think using an actual dead rodent as your human interface device is something you could get into, check out this page which, with great detail, tells you how you can make your own…Mouse Mouse. I, however, think I’m going to stick to Logitech, […]

How Nintendo Got Its Groove Back

Almost six months after the initial release, it is still near impossible to find a Nintendo Wii on an actual store shelf. All the local big box stores around where I live have had the same battered, empty demo boxes sitting on the shelves since November 30th of last year while Sony Playstation 3’s gather […]

Product Review: Samsung LN-T3242H 32″ LCD TV Set

For the past two years, I’ve been telling myself I should be getting one of those nice, flat (and expensive!) LCD television set, but it seems that the time was never exactly right… until now. Early last week, while browsing around the mall with my wife and our brand new daughter, I decided to stop […]

Apple Discovers Buying > Renting

In another case of the music industry not knowing what consumers want… Steve Jobs said today that Apple is unlikely to add any sort of subscription-based way to rent music to iTunes, which many industry executives want so they can take more of our money when we realize we actually like the song after renting […]

Coolest Keys (?!) Ever?

Yes, I’m well aware that keys aren’t the coolest thing in the world. If I had a nickle for every time someone said to me “Dude! Awesome keys!”, I’d have…well, no nickles. However, this little gadget called KeyPort trumps all those tarnished chunks of metal we call keys. You can pick whatever blanks you need […]

Zune Phone A Bit Premature?

There has been some speculation in recent weeks that Microsoft was planning to making a phone based on the Zune. I know what you’re thinking…didn’t Apple come up with a similar idea awhile back? I think it’s called the iPhone. EnGadget pointed toward an article on today that suggests that these reports may be […]