April Fool’s Day Pranks For Geeks

This shouldn’t surprise any of you: Geeks love April fool’s day. Admit it; at one point or another, most of you have tried to prank your friends, family or colleagues by partially unplugging their keyboard, mouse or monitor. In honor of this year’s April fool’s day, the folks over at Wired have pubbed an excellent article listing 10 different pranks to play on your technologically inept co-workers. There’s really some funny stuff in there, so check it out!

Here are a few additional pranks I’ve played in the past:

  • Sign your friends up to an embarrassing newsletter.
  • Stick a small Post-it (or a small piece of tape) under someone’s mouse. Make sure that it covers the ball or optical sensor.
  • Turn the volume up to the max on your victim’s computer speakers.
  • Change the victim’s Windows startup sound with something that might embarrass / annoy / surprise him.
  • If the Windows Messenger Service is active in your environment, write a small batch file that will broadcast a message to a colleague a few hundred times using the “net send” command. Then, watch in amusement as the target keeps on clicking OK on the hundreds of message box that appear on his screen. (Don’t forget to disable your Messenger service after, the victim will likely want to play the same trick on you!).
  • Reverse the ‘m’ and ‘n’ keys one someone’s keyboard. Use any flat tool to pop them out (Thanks to Jared for reminding me that you should NEVER attempt this on a laptop!).
  • Tape down the phone button on your victim’s phone so that when their phone starts to ring and they pick it up, it will keep on ringing.
  • Switch all the labels on a phone so that they are all mixed up.

Do you know about any other great ones? Add them to the comments section!