Run Linux on HP Computers, Lose Warranty

Apparently, installing any distro of Linux on a new HP system could actually void your warranty. That’s exactly what happened to a lady named Laura Breeden when she called HP about an hardware issue on her new Compaq Presario laptop and mentioned that she was running Ubuntu to the support agent.

When she called Compaq — the unit comes with a one-year warranty on the hardware — they asked what operating system she was running. When she told them Linux, they said, “Sorry, we do not honor our hardware warranty when you run Linux.” In order to get warranty service, she was told, she would have to remove Linux and reinstall the original OS.

After reading this, I searched Google for stories of people who experienced similar situations with other hardware manufacturers and wasn’t really surprised to see that HP wasn’t the only company that had a “no-linux” policy. Since most of these corporations are focused on Windows, they can’t really afford to train their personal on two different platforms without having to invest huge sums of money, so they choose the most profitable option. Sad isn’t it?

Run Linux, lose warranty (