20 “How To” Vista Tips That Most People Don’t Know

vista1.jpgI recently installed Vista on a couple of systems at work, and for the most part, everything went flawlessly. The only problem I experienced so far is not with the OS itself, but more with the users who have trouble using Vista’s new functionalities. So when I stumbled on this great list of “how to” this morning, I immediately thought about my users who were in great need of guidance, and also of all you Vista noobs out there.

  1. How To Change the Way Pages Print from IE7
  2. How To Easily Share Folders in Vista
  3. How To Use Vista’s Speech Recognition Feature
  4. How To Hide Messages You’ve Already Read in Windows Mail, Outlook Express, or Windows Live Mail
  5. How To Use the People Near Me Feature
  6. How to Use Windows Meeting Space for Collaboration Sessions
  7. How To Select Which OS to Start If You Dual Boot
  8. How To Independently Control Volume Levels for Each Application
  9. How To Quickly Batch Rename Photo FileNames Using Windows Photo Gallery
  10. How To Set Up Vista Parental Controls
  11. How To Use Windows Remote Assistance
  12. How To Use Vista Backup and Restore
  13. How To Create and Format a Partition in which to Store Your Documents
  14. How To Sync Desktop and Laptop with Vista Sync Center
  15. How To Run Older Incompatible Software on Windows Vista
  16. How To View Files in Stack View
  17. How To Use Windows Calendar
  18. How To Transfer Data to Another Computer Using Windows Easy Transfer
  19. How To Create A Shortcut for Locking Your PC
  20. How To Create An XPS Document