Where None Have Gone Before…

SciFi Extreme!By Al Rozon
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

If I hadn’t seen at least 3 videos on this, I never would have believed it. Today, I’m not reporting on the latest gadgets or anything, but I will increase the “Geek Factor” of [GAS] by 10.

If you haven’t already seen this from CNN or BBC, a man named Tony Alleyne has redesigned his apartment in the “Trekkie” style. By taking aspects in the design of the USS Enterprise and USS Voyager, this Hinckley, UK resident has transformed his ‘flat’ into the most futuristic and coolest apartment I’ve ever had the chance to set my eyes on.

Reporters in the videos claim that he is selling his futuristic domicile for $200,000 USD, but on Trendhunters.com, the going rate is reported as $967,000.

Check out the Reuter’s report, some photos of the ‘flat’, and Tony’s website: 24th Century Design.

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