Monday Morning Links Serving: The March 18th Edition

product.jpg How-to: Installing Ubuntu Linux on a usb pendrive
This tutorial will show how-to install Ubuntu on a usb stick. Even though this tutorial uses Ubuntu as its base distribution, you could virtually use any type of Linux liveCD distribution.

How to Idiot-Proof Your Parents’ Computer
The title of this article is pretty self-explanatory isn’t it? A must read for all of you who spend more then 1 hours per week troubleshooting simple computer problems over the phone for free.

11 Ways to Optimize Your Mac’s Performance
Great article from the LowEndMac blog giving a couple of tips on how to keep your mac running at top speed.

Alpha Geek: 10 cool cell phone tricks
With the right software and services, your phone can perform a startling array of fun and practical functions.

Nine Steps to Acing a Job Interview
A good way to think about the process of getting a job is that a resume gets you in the door, and an interview is where you close the deal.