Google Confirms Mobile Phone “in Development”

GoogleGoogle phone rumors have really been picking up lately, and the company’s chief executive in Spain and Portugal has just confirmed this week that some of its engineers’ time is spent on the development of a mobile phone. Unfortunately, no information has been disclosed yet about whether Google plans to release a mobile phone or not, so all of this is still pretty much in vaporware stage.

Big tech companies getting into the phone business seem to be the rumor du jour lately: first Apple, then rumor of the Zune phone, and, of course, Google. Google phone rumors have been picking up a bit lately, accelerated by a recent partnership between Google and Samsung to bundle mobile versions of Google apps on Samsung phones. This caused some to believe that Google might be working on a Samsung-powered phone. The Samsung-powered Google Phone is rumored to be a Blackberry-like device that would run VoIP services. Pictures of the alleged device, which appear to be very iPhone-like, have been floating around the web.

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