Commodore Rises from its Ashes

Commodore GamingMost of you probably remember the C=64, a legendary computer system that ruled the 80’s, and for some people, still brings a tear to their eyes when they hear about the name. If you were a die-hard C=64 or Amiga fan, I’m sure you already dreamt about Commodore coming back into business right? Well you don’t have to dream anymore because Commodore is now back on the market, only this time, they are manufacturing clones using Intel chip technology. Here are the basic specs of one of their top-end machines

  • Quad-core Intel Core 2 Extreme processor
  • 4GB CorsairĀ® Dominator memory
  • ASUS P5N32-E nForce 680i SLI motherboard
  • Dual Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX SLI Graphics cards
  • 64-bit edition of Vista

With this kind of setup, it is clear that Commodore wants to target hardcore gamers, but if you absolutely want to get a Commodore system and don’t want to go bankrupt after your purchase, a few entry / mid-level models will also be available. Unfortunately, no pricing details are out as of yet, but my guess is that these systems won’t be cheap by any measure. We’ll keep you updated with more details as soon as they come out, so stay tuned!

[Pictures courtesy of Pocket Lint]