US Computer Forensic Institute Set to Open in 2008

Department of Homeland SecurityAccording to SecurityFocus, The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is currently setting up a national computer forensic school in Alabama that will soon (mid-2008) be training more than 1,000 law enforcement professionals a year in the basics of computer forensics, electronic crimes and network intrusion detection. The U.S. Secret Service will develop the institute curriculum and some of its funding will come from the DHS’s National Cyber Security Division.

The NCFI aims to give criminal investigators, prosecutors and judges from the U.S. and other countries the training and support needed to better investigate and understand digital crimes, the DHS said in a statement announcing the center. The plans for the center includes a computer forensic lab, research and development laboratories, exhibition space for educating the public, and a conference area, according to the DHS statement.

DHS opens first cyber-forensics center

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