Seagate Releases World’s Most Secure Laptop Drive

SeagateSeagate has been working on a laptop hard drive featuring built-in hardware encryption for years now, and finally, the fruit of their labor has just been released on the market: The Moentus 5400 FDE.2.

The Momentus is a serial ATA drive that spins at 5,400 rpm, has a 1.5Gbit/sec throughput and comes with pre-boot authentication and a secure data erasure feature, which overwrites data several times to allow repurposing of the drive. The drive comes in 80GB, 120GB and 160GB capacities. The encryption feature will add about 25% more to the cost of standard Seagate SATA drives and will retail anywhere $130 to $175 for an 80GB drive, a Seagate spokesman said.

In an age where information is often worth more then gold, I think $130 is a ridiculous amount to invest when thinking that such a simple technology could save millions of dollars to companies who have mobile devices on the road. If you are a mobile worker using a corporate laptop containing confidential data, do your¬†company a favor and talk to¬†them about this new technology. They’ll thank you later for it if someone ever steals one of their precious notebooks.

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